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Organic, Ethically Sourced Hemp from the U.S.A.

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About Fox House Farms
In an emerging industry that is fairly unregulated, Fox House Farms is committed to leading the way by becoming the standard others are compared. We only create and supply pharmaceutical-grade, organic, and sustainable products that offer maximum purity and potency.

We are innovators at heart, constantly striving for better, easier, and more convenient means of production with the highest value available. Our goal at Fox House Farms is to embrace our customer's needs with enthusiasm, professionalism, and expertise at each touch-point. Our "can-do" attitude and dedicated team are ready to help grow your brand and increase profitability.

We are, historically, a group of industry disruptors. We are committed to introducing the most innovative delivery systems, cutting-edge formulations, and the healthiest products available worldwide. You have our promise.

Organic Source

Our farmers have a passion for what they grow. With state-of-the-art development labs, our team of farmers and scientists are on the cutting edge of Hemp agriculture. Our plants and products are ethically grown, processed, and packaged in Oregon.

Clean Production

Our promise is to supply the highest quality hemp products that exceed our customer's expectations. We use only the flower of the Hemp plant. After cold-pressed extraction, the Hemp is heated for purity then mixed with either Hempseed or Coconut Oil. No added chemicals are used in the process. Our Hemp is the closest to nature as it comes.

End-to-End Solutions

Fox House Farms offers full end-to-end solutions for our customers in the areas of Premium Hemp, Product Development Labs, Patented Delivery Methods, Product Sales Force, and a Full-Service Creative Agency. Whatever the need, our expert team can assist.

“The total U.S. CBD market in 2017 accounted for $367 million in retail sales across “hemp derived” and “marijuana derived” sources at a 39% growth rate. HBJ estimates that the total CBD industry will grow to $1.2 billion by 2020, and nearly $2 billion by 2022.” - Hemp Business Journal, The CBD Report 2018 Industry Outlook August 2018

Wholesale Product
Raw and Mixed Wholesale Product.

Fox House can supply bulk ingredients to enhance your product line. At any level of need, our wholesale products can be a great fit from startups to high demand customers. The story of our ingredients will enhance your brands. Always ethically harvested, always using the highest quality extraction method, and always Organic… no pesticides, solvents, or heavy metals.

Private Label
End-to-End Solutions

Fox House offers an expert team to fine tune Private / White Label services to position your brand for success. Our team has a combined experience of over 200 plus years in the Sales and Brand Development Industry. In-house capabilities can fully develop and activate your brand. We’d love an opportunity to help you build out your next successful launch.


Retail Supply
Premium In-House Products

Fox House offers its own product line under the Well Balanced brand. Well Balanced is positioned as an organic, premium, high-performing hemp oil. The core product out-measures top brands on the market today, delivering a more effective product at a reasonable price per dose. Additionally it’s clean source of always cold-pressed gives it a unique position on the marketplace shelves. Please visit or contact us for more information.